Monday, November 28, 2016

Solstice Ride 2016

In an extensive survey of a quorum of DRR members (Paul, Gary and Norm), it has been resolved that DRR officially doesn't really want to deal with the whole travel over the pass or down the gorge thing this year in order to partake of a solstice ride. Much as we still love our SIR and ORR friends, we thought we'd maybe prefer do something more local this year.

The DRR Not Quite The Solstice ride will be on Friday, 23rd December. It will probably leave Roasters Coffee on GW Way at probably 3pm and probably resemble a 100Km group permanent-populaire (route yet to be decided).

In the unlikely event any others might wish to join us, you'll of course be very welcome. Please let Norm know beforehand. More details to follow when and if someone's figured them out.

Sunday, October 2, 2016

RUSA Elections

It's election time at RUSA.

If you're a RUSA member please vote. These elections are the only opportunity the ordinary member has to influence the direction of RUSA, so why not use it?

Sunday, September 25, 2016

DRR in 2017: What we know.

In 2017 DRR will be offering a spring populaire, a full spring SR series, a bonus fall 600 (a new feature for DRR) and the traditional fall 200/AGM. Additionally, there will likely be a smattering of as yet undetermined group permanents.

Here's what we know of the schedule right now...

Sat February 25
The usual 200km season opener. May not be the Flat Yak this time (Bridge to Zillah depending), but might be.
Organizer: Norm C.

Sat March 11
A new permanent populaire 100km fixture on the DRR calendar, and possibly a new route too.
Organizer: Paul W.

Sat March 25
300km. To be decided.
Organizer: Norm C (most likely)

Sat April 29
400km. To be decided.
Organizer: Paul W.

Sat-Sun May 13-14
The spring 600km will be on Mother's Day weekend. Mothers especially welcome. The route will likely be a repeat of last year's new route that seemed to be well received.
Organizer: Norm C.

Sat-Sun September 9-10
Fall 600km. All new event, all new route. Something special planned, more later.
Organizer: Susan O.

Sat September 30
Fall 200km and AGM. Traditional end-of-season event with after-ride potluck shenanigans.

All events > 100 km will be ACP brevets and count towards RUSA and ACP awards and recognition.

To see how this all aligns with other NW US randonneuring fun, check out the calendar.

See you next year.

Sunday, September 18, 2016

ACP 200km (Sat), AGM, and 100km Populaire (Sun), 9/17-18, Results etc.

Saturday's ACP 200 km brevet was a bit of a trip, but

Norm Carr
Kevin Humphreys
John Kramer
Susan Otcenas
Don Shiggy Person
Tom Reimbolt

are all awesome randofolk because they completed the event despite some interesting weather challenges (most with impressive times in the circumstances). Thanks to Ian for a very welcome 'secret' control/pop-up espresso stand in just the right location and thanks to Marcie for cookies and card wrangling.

Saturday evening's potuck 'AGM' was a blast. Thanks all for coming and contributing some fine fare and big thanks to Paul and Julie for hosting.

AGM minutes:
* There will be a spring SR series of brevets next year.
* There will probably be some interesting new routes.
* A September 600km brevet is a new addition to the DRR program.
* Ian won the "best secret control of the year" award.
* Marcie won the best cookies and all round spiffy volunteer award.
* After receiving no nominations and in a close fought race with nobody, Norm was unanimously voted RBA for another year.

Finally, some extra thanks and well dones to

Justin Humphreys
Kevin Humphreys
John Kramer
Jeff Loomis
Wendy Loomis

who all completed Sunday's 100km Populaire.

That wraps up all that's scheduled from DRR this year. Thanks for riding with us in 2016. See you down the road and watch this site for news of the 2017 program.

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

ACP 200 km Brevet and 'AGM', Sat. Sept. 17th 2016

As is becoming a DRR tradition, the end-of-summer 200 km brevet will be immediately followed by the DRR 'AGM' potluck and party, this year at Paul's house.

There will also be a 100 km Permanent Populaire organized by Paul for the following day (Sunday 18th) for those who can't get enough randonneuring goodness that weekend, or who don't want to ride a whole 200km. See below for details of both rides.

You don't have to ride at all to come to the AGM. All DRR members, affiliates, riders, volunteers, supporters, partners, family and friends, bystanders, newbs, rando-curious are invited. More details soon, but bring a potluck contribution or a beverage to share and you'll be most welcome.

Register to Ride
Who's riding? (your entry might not show up here for a few minutes)

ACP 200km Brevet Saturday

Ride date: Saturday, 17th Sept. 2016

Sign in: 05:45
Start at: 06:00
Finish by: 19:30
(Earlier than conventional, to allow an earlier finish (even for slower folks (like me)) so everyone who wants can get to the 'AGM' in time.)

Sunrise: 06:38
Sunset: 19:03

Organizer: Norm Carr

Fee: Free for RUSA members.

Start/Finish location:
Starbucks, Columbia Point Dr., Richland, WA

Parking: Big parking lot right there.

#1827 "Tour de Tri-Cities".

Cue Sheet

This is a pleasant loop around the Tri-Cities on mostly quiet or very quiet roads.

Map / GPS Download

100km Populaire Sunday

Ride date: Sunday, 18th Sept. 2016

Sign in: 08:45
Start at: 09:00
Finish by:

Organizer: Paul Whitney

Fee: Free.

Start/Finish location:
Columbia Point Marina Park. Plenty of parking, restroom, water etc..

"About 100K"

Map / GPS Download

Saturday, May 28, 2016

Spring 600 Results

Ward Beebe
Cary Flannery
John Kramer
Audunn Ludviksson
John Pearch
Graham Ross

... all completed the DRR Spring 600 km ACP brevet. Well done to all. This ride turned out to be a little more challenging than it might have been due to uncooperative whether at times, particularly headwinds in places and some impressive rain in Oregon. Despite that, this new route seems to have been enjoyed by these pioneering riders. Thanks to all who provided interesting and useful feedback and reports.

Next on our calendar is an ACP 200 km brevet in September. In the meantime thanks to all for riding with DRR and have a fun summer, whatever your plans.

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

DRR Spring 400 Results


...all completed the Spring 400 km ACP brevet. There were no DNSs nor DNFs. Thanks to all for making the trip and riding with DRR and thanks to Paul for organizing. That was a fun and in places challenging day on bikes. We got lucky with the wind and weather... until Plymouth.

See you at the 600?