Thursday, April 29, 2010

Ride Summary: Desert River Regions 400km - April 24, 2010

The first ever running of the 400km Extended Yakima River Tour was undertaken by eleven riders - one on a pre-ride. We were all well engaged by the wind and the ride. The riders broke into three groups: an extremely fast group (Ken Bonner), a fast group of hardy riders (Mike Richeson, John Kramer and Karel Stroethoff) and a stalwart group of determined riders (Roger Holt, Ali Holt, Peg Winczewski and Paul Whitney). The groupings held fairly consistently as we explored new roads and towns along the Yakima River. Thanks to all of the riders - randos came from British Columbia, Oregon, Washington and Montana. Special thanks to Nat Beagley for hosting the ride start/finish and to Gary Smith and Cathy Smith for the pre-ride and helpful notes.

Ken Bonner 18:14
Norman Carr DNF
Roger Holt 26:30
Ali Holt 26:30
Sam Huffman DNF
John Kramer 23:44
Mike Richeson 23:44
Gary Smith 25:18
Karel Stroethoff 24:00
Paul Whitney 26:30
Peg Winczewski 26:29

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

400km Pre-ride Notes

Thanks to Gary Smith for scouting the Extended Yakima River Tour, and Cathy for providing support and a steady stream of messages about the route. Here's the summary from the ride:

Control 2 - Prosser - Conoco Food Mart hours 0500 - 2300

Control 3 - Toppenish - Safeway hours 0600 - 2400

Distance 100.1 km L N. Track R
There is no street sign on N. Track - but, it is the first left after crossing the train tracks. The road changes name and is Asotin Way on the right - where there is a sign

Control 4 - Wiley Mkt
No restroom facilities. Minimal food available. Recommend eating in Union Gap before the control or after getting back to Yakima

Bike path from Yakima to Selah
distance 157.4 km - turn left on Gordon
The street sign is turned 90 deg. after you go through the 1 lane tunnel, take a left. the street sign points to Gordon for continuing straight, and 6th for turning left.

The start of the bike path is not obvious. the barriers are not color-coded, there are no signs, nothing to say "HERE".

Distance 157.2 no facilities or places to stop after leaving Selah until you reach Ellensburg, about 50+ km.

Control 5 Ellensburg
The Safeway has seats inside if you need to rest.

Control 6
The person running the AM/PM didn't want me loitering inside his shop. There were no seats either inside or outside. If someone wants to rest, they might check across the street (google maps indicates a Chevron; other sources a 76). The Sonic about 3 blocks before the control - near the intersection of 1st and Nob Hill - is open until 2400 (the organizer enjoys the burgers).

Distance 310.4 - the control in Zillah
Street sign shows the name as 1st. The next turn into the Chevron is not named Zillah West Rd either, but i don't think that matters. The service station is hard to miss.

Distance 348
The road is being resurfaced just as you get into Grandview - for 2-3 blocks.

Control 8 - Prosser Highway Rest Stop services
the Chevron has seats inside that are comfortable for napping.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Ride Summary: Desert River Regions 300km - March 27, 2010

The Tri-City 300km started 16 riders, and had 14 finishers within the time limit. We had a sunny day with sporadic to engaging headwinds. Highlights of the day were the morning ride along the Columbia river, the ride to and through Walla Walla, the canyon between Pendleton and Echo and the descent on Clodfelter back into town. Thanks to all of the riders - some traveling a good distance to join us for the ride. A special thanks to Cathy Smith who, once again, signed us in, was there to meet riders at the end, and fetched a rider from the top of the hill. The next Tri-City-based ride is a 400km on April 24th.