Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Kahlotus Othello Ridges Loop Permanent

Note: the application/approval is pending for this permanent. This is the permanent version of the first loop of the DRR Loopy 600.

This route is 237km which features a ridge-road from Pasco to Kahlotus Washington. After Kahlotus, the route goes to Kahlotus to Connell, and then to Othello. A plateau is featured from Othello to Basin City - then a run south through the agricultural lands in Eastern Washington.

Warning: there isn't a good water stop until Connell. So, the first ~70 miles require provisioning on the bike.

Ride start/end: intersection of Leslie and Gage Blvd in Richland, WA

The route is shown here.

Elevation gain/loss: 1295m/4250ft

Monday, May 30, 2011

Columbia Loop Permanent

Note: the application/approval is pending for this 129km excursion around the bend of the Columbia River. This is also close to the route of the middle loop in the DRR Loopy 600.

The route starts/ends at the services at the intersection of Leslie and Gage in Richland, WA. The route heads towards the Columbia River, and continues along Columbia River Park. Heading out to Pasco, the route crosses over the Snake River. The bridge offers a choice of a wide shoulder and a bike path. An information control near Wallula provides an opportunity for another view of the Columbia. Heading Right/South on US730 puts one shortly into Oregon - and a good amount of time/distance is spent along the Columbia. A stop at the Tesoro in Umatilla for refuel and refresh is followed by another river crossing, and then a climb up Plymouth Rd and rapid descent down Clodfelter to complete the loop.

About 870m/2850ft of elevation gain/loss.

The route is shown here:

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

400km Results - May 2011

We had nine riders start on a day with a weather forecaster to make a West-sider drool. Then the rain came. We could see it in the West and to the South. Right where we were headed. So we had the rain. We had flats. Coffee. Candy bars. Assorted energy-food items. Great support. Numerous views of the Yakima River. Sun. Stars. Moon. Clouds. We had a 400km.

Thanks to everyone who came out to ride and to Cathy Smith, who supported the ride.

Some pictures are posted on facebook, and can be found by looking for info on the riders on May 21/22. Steve's ride report, with more pictures, is here: http://volpetales.blogspot.com/2011/05/may-21-desert-river-randonneurs-400km.html. If there are more reports, or groups of pictures, let me know so I can add them, or add the link in the comment field.

Some times/spaces:
First Last       Time
Gary  Smith      24:05
John  Kramer     21:23
Norm  Carr       Zillah
Paul  Whitney    25:10
Scott Peterson   22:44
Steve Williamson 22:44
Steve Kasper     19:54
Susan Otcenas    25:10
Theo  Roffe      19:54

Monday, May 16, 2011

400km Pre-Drive Report - May 2011

We drove most of the route Sunday. This resulted in changing the cue sheet to better match the road signs, and expanded the control list at some of the stops. This is, I think, the final cue sheet. The route is identical to last year.

The drive on Konnowac Pass Rd (past Moxee, before Zilla) was very nice. I hope some of the riders get to this in the daylight.

The primary issue to note is that there is a detour on Track Road in Wapato. The detour is readily manageable, and early in the ride when the riders will likely still have their wits about them, so we won't alter the cue sheet to reflect the deviation. I have sketched the detour below.

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