Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Spring 400 Results

Peter Beeson
Rick Blacker
Norm Carr
Asta Chastain
Doug Hiebert
Audunn Ludviksson
Vincent Muoneke
Susan Otcenas
Joe Platzner
Graham Ross
Mark Thomas
Charlie White
Kathy White
Paul Whitney

all finished the DRR Spring 400Km brevet. Great job everyone.

Big thanks to Paul for organizing it all and to Julie for providing communications support. Many thanks to all the riders (especially those making a trip from afar) for making it another lovely day out on the bike. Thanks to the weather (even the wind, mostly) for being kind.

Got any photos or stories you'd like to share? Send Norm your links and he'll put them here.

This was the largest number of riders on a DRR event so far. Woo yay.

Next up, a summer 200K. Mark your calendars, it's going to be a hot one.

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  1. Wildlife on the 400... I'm a west sider so it was really fun to see some of the denizens of the east. I heard someone mention a bald eagle, which I did not see (though we have them on the west side). I did see a jackrabbit and a skunk in the wash of my headlights at night, and during the day vultures, red-wing blackbirds, a great blue heron (perhaps more common on the west side), and quite a few magpies and quail. I was surprised I didn't see any reptiles, even as roadkill. One surprise was a dove of some kind, napping right by the fog line in the wee hours of the morning. I was going east so the crown of the road would make the south edge warm in the sunlight, and maybe it stays warm for hours. In the summer do you see whole flocks of doves warming themselves on the asphalt at night? -Graham Ross