Sunday, September 15, 2013

Le Grimpeur Results

Finishers of Le Grimpeur 200 Km brevet were

Norm Carr
Asta Chastain
Doug Hiebert
Susan Otcenas
Gary Smith

Mid-90s F temperatures and a stiff breeze up in the hills at times made for a challenging ride, especially on the return stages up the hill from Prosser and along County Well Road. Nonetheless, everyone seemed to have an enjoyable day.

Big thanks to Cathy for providing essential water and snacks at the not-very-secret secret control. Many thanks to Paul and family for hosting the post-brevet DRR end-of-season potluck. Marcie gets the cookies award.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

2014 DRR Brevet Calendar

Likely dates for DRR brevets in 2014:

Sat 3/1 - Spring Populaire 100
Sat 3/22 - ACP Spring 200
Sat 4/5 - ACP Spring 300 - Organizer: Norm Carr
Sat 4/26 - ACP Spring 400 - Organizer: Paul Whitney
Sat 8/16 - ACP Summer 200 - Organizer: Susan Otcenas

Other RUSA brevets, populaires, group permanent rides or undocumented coffeenneuring experiences can be added as demand, volunteers, or whim allow. 

Anyone is welcome to organize any as yet unclaimed event, or something else of their own devising. All organizers will also always welcome anyone wishing to volunteer on any event.

Wishing all a fulfilling 2014 on the road.