Monday, May 18, 2015

Spring 400/600 km Results

Kevin Brightbill
Clyde Butt
Kevin Humphreys
Gary Smith
Michal Young

...all finished the 400 km brevet, and...

Doug Hiebert
John Kramer
Susan Otcenas
Graham Ross
Karel Stroethoff
Paul Whitney

...all finished the 600 km brevet.

Well done, congratulations and thanks to all participants for making it a fun, friendly and drama-free weekend, whether riding with us for the first time, or as a recidivist.

We were hoping for gentleness but our dreams didn't come true and everyone agreed that the wind was the biggest challenge of the weekend. Fortunately, the requested mild temperatures and dry conditions did arrive, so it could have been worse, really. Flats, and a broken crank added some more spice to the challenge for some.

Thanks to Cathy and Marcie for popular baked-good contributions and general volunteer willingness. Thanks to Ian for rescue stand-by duty and rider liason. Thanks to Paul and Susan for planning routes that everyone enjoyed (most of, anyhow). Extra big thanks to Paul for paperwork creation, implementation and deployment.


DRR's next official event is an ACP 200 km brevet in September. Watch this site for announcements once we've bothered to figure out what that's going to look like.

In the meantime, there are other regions' events and plenty of permanents to ride, so see you down the road. I hear there's some ride or other in France that a few folks are thinking about doing this summer. If that includes you, bon chance!