Monday, November 28, 2016

Solstice Ride 2016

In an extensive survey of a quorum of DRR members (Paul, Gary and Norm), it has been resolved that DRR officially doesn't really want to deal with the whole travel over the pass or down the gorge thing this year in order to partake of a solstice ride. Much as we still love our SIR and ORR friends, we thought we'd maybe prefer do something more local this year.

The DRR Not Quite The Solstice ride will be on Friday, 23rd December. It will probably leave Roasters Coffee on GW Way at probably 3pm and probably resemble a 100Km group permanent-populaire (route yet to be decided).

In the unlikely event any others might wish to join us, you'll of course be very welcome. Please let Norm know beforehand. More details to follow when and if someone's figured them out.