Friday, June 14, 2019

Gravel 132km and 200km Ride, 7/14/2019 - Wenatchee

Another one of Shiggy's great rides.  A combination of the climb up Badger Mtn, the gravel descent to Palisades, and the challenging climb up Swakane Canyon.  The shorter route doesn't go up Swakane Canyon and ends back in Wenatchee after Palisades.

Early in the day you will warm up with the sustained climb up Badger Mtn.  After the first hard section, we will leave the pavement for more climbing on gravel and rejoin the paved road near the top of Badger Mtn.  At the top, the course will follow the unpaved Ruud Canyon road down to Waterville.  You can restock on food at the grocery store or the excellent Coyote Cafe.

From Waterville, the route crosses the plateau and eventually joins the railroad bed down Douglass Creek.  The railroad ceased operations in 1985 and the line was converted to a state park.

More information is here:

This section has numerous stream crossing (none more than knee deep).  The weather should be warm so you'll dry quickly.  The gravel on Douglass Creek is large and chunky so have appropriate tires.

About 9600' of climbing. many miles of gravel (four large sections). 32mm or even much larger tires recommended.  The shorter route is 132 km with 5900 of climbing.

Finishing the 200km route in the time limit will be challenging so riders should keep moving and be prepared to bail in Wenatchee before Swakane if darkness is coming.

Organizer: Shiggy & Gary Prince

Ride date: Sundary, 14th July, 2019

Sunrise: 05:18
Sunset: 20:54

200 km route
Sign in from: 06:30
Start at: 07:00
Finish by: 20:30

132 km route
Sign in from: 06:30
Start at: 07:00
Finish by: 15:48

Fee: $ 5 
RUSA members only.

Start location for both distances
510 Grant Rd
East Wenatchee WA 98802

Finish for 200km
Safeway (as above)

Finish for 132km
201 Valley Mall Parkway
or similar, on Valley Mall Parkway.  It's a short ride .6 mile ride back to Safeway.

132km route map/GPS

200km route map/GPS

Route Cue Sheet

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There will be some long stretches without services. Please ensure you are carrying enough food and drink for your needs. Away from towns cell phone coverage may be unavailable.

There will be several info controls (please have a pen).

You and you alone will be responsible for your own safety during this event. You will be required to sign the ride waiver (132km or 200km)