Sunday, March 6, 2011

March 5, 2011 - Results

Detailed results forthcoming. We had eight riders sign up and five finishers. The weather on March 5 bordered on fantastic. Good sun. Light wind, with (at least for this rider) a modest tailwind pushing towards home. Thanks to all who came out for the third annual DRR 200km, notably our guests from near (Yakima) and far, to Cathy for the sign-up and greeting the riders as they returned, and to Norm - who was slammed with subfreezing conditions the week before on the pre-ride.

Our riders:
Gary Smith     9:42
Jim Moberly    NF
John Kramer    8:59
John Richards  NF
Ken Carter     9:48
Nat Beagley    NF
Norm Carr      Frozen Finish: 13:11
Paul Whitney   11:33

Next up is the 300km - April 2. My favorite of the DRR routes, so far. Hope to see you there.

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