Sunday, April 3, 2011

Results from the April 2 DRR 300km

Thirteen hardy randonneurs set out from the scenic parking lot in Richland, at the intersection of Leslie and Gage Blvd. It was a windy day, even by Tri-Cities standards. The riders flew to Waitsburg with a tail-wind, and then it got interesting. Cathy Smith and Paul Whitney had a way-station set up in the excellent Pioneer Park in Walla Walla. The riders had to work against the wind from Waitsburg to Walla Walla; the reported  pedaling with effort to get any kind of double digit speed down-hill. Despite, or perhaps because, of this they were all in great spirits when they arrived in Walla Walla, and most pressed on to Pendleton. The wind remained a steady companion throughout most of the remainder of the ride. As expected in such conditions, riding in a group is a near-necessary advantage. The first group came in around midnight, the next clustered around 1:00am and finally, really getting their money's worth, a couple of riders came in with 9 minutes to spare. The rider times are below. Thanks to all the participants for coming out for the day. Also, thanks to Cathy Smith for supporting the ride, and retrieving a couple of riders from Pendleton.

A few pictures from the ride are here. Steve's write-up is here.

 Name            Time 
 Chris Willett   DNF 
 Dan Jensen      19:14 
 Gary Smith      DNF
 Ian Shopland    18:00
 Jennifer Chang  DNF
 John Pearch     18:05
 John Kramer     18:05
 Kole Kantner    19:51
 Noel  Howes     19:00
 Norm Carr       DNF
 Steve Davis     19:14
 Steven Kasper   19:09
 Vincent Muoneke 19:51

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