Sunday, April 7, 2013

DRR 300 - Results

Another great and blustery day for a bike ride. Six riders started and five riders finished. Congrats to all.

The riders for this year's 300k were:
Norm Carr, Doug Hiebert, Steve Kasper, Jeff Loomis, Vince Sikorski, and Gary Smith.

Thanks to Cathy Smith for helping with rider registration and with greeting the riders at rides end with cheeseburgers and a beverage. Thanks as well to Ian Hoffman for setting up a checkpoint/water-stop up in the Horse Heaven hills, and for bringing donuts to the ride start. And, thanks to Norm Carr for updating the route sheet and setting up the rider registration.

Next up: the DRR 400k.


  1. And while it was windy on Saturday, at least it was less then we're getting on Sunday. I'm sure it was ugly yesterday, but its downright brutal out there today.

  2. Thanks Paul and crew! I enjoyed the low traffic route and the company, if not the winds. Lonely roads make great riding.