Sunday, April 6, 2014

Spring 300Km Results

Well done

Jan Acuff
Peter Beeson
Asta Chastain
Doug Hiebert
Audunn Ludviksson
Susan Otcenas
Graham Ross
Gary Smith
Paul Whitney

who all finished the DRR Spring 300Km ACP brevet.

It was a typically breezy spring day in E WA but everyone worked together admirably. Many thanks to Cathy for volunteering her support. Thanks to Marcie for the Rando Cookies of Awesomeness and more support. Thanks to Ian for providing eyes on the road. Thanks to all the riders, especially those who made a trip to come ride with DRR. Thanks to Susan for post-ride breakfast. Thanks to everyone for another fun DRR brevet weekend. See you on the 400.

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