Monday, August 18, 2014

Summer 200Km Results

Philippe Andre
Donald Brightbill
Norm Carr
Asta Chastain
Douglas Hiebert
Kathy Mullet
Ron Mullet
Susan Otcenas
Theo Roffe
Del Scharffenberg
Gary Smith

all completed the DRR Summer 200 Km brevet. Well done and thanks to all riders for making it a successful event.

It was a beautiful, if a little warm, day of new (to many) roads and wonderfully quiet central Oregon scenery, thanks to a well-thought out route that carefully avoided the traffic of 97 and 197, visited plenty of interesting sites and sights along the way, and provided just the right amount of elevation challenge for a late-season brevet.

Many thanks to Susan for all her hard work researching and documenting the route, for delivering an impeccably put together brevet, and for generally being a dream organizer. Special thanks to Cathy and Marcie for volunteering to provide shade and fluids and snacks to hot and thirsty riders at out-of-the-way but well-chosen and very welcome locations.


That was the last DRR ACP brevet of 2014. It's been a fun year on the bike so far and it's been lovely to welcome so many riders who have travelled to our events. We hope everyone has enjoyed our season as much as we have and to see you again for some of our rides next year. Bring your friends! All always welcome.

Meanwhile, be well, happy cycling, and watch this site for announcements of any group permanents and suchlike that might happen during the fall and winter, and news of our plans for 2015.

- Norm

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