Sunday, December 27, 2015

2016 Season Preview

DRR is running a complete ACP brevet series in 2016, a bonus fall ACP 200 and likely plenty of perms in between. Here's what we know right now.

Spring 200 km, Saturday, February 27th
This will be the perennial favorite Flat Yak course.
Information from last time.

Spring 300 km, Saturday, March 19th
Last year we introduced an all-new course out of Hermiston for the spring 300 and it proved such a hit with those that rode it that we're using the same course again in 2016.
Information from last time.

Spring 400 km, Saturday April 30th
Organized by Paul, this is likely to be the popular 400 km course from 2015.
Information from last time.

Spring 600 km, Saturday, May 21st
This will probably be a challenging new course in NE Oregon. Work in progress. Watch this space.

Fall 200 km, Saturday, September 17th
To be decided, hopefully something new and interesting.

As ever, we'll be adding event and registration information to this site as soon as it is available. In the meantime, mark your diaries for some fun times (of all types).

These events can't happen without volunteers. Pre-event research and administration is just as valuable as support on the day(s). If you'd like to get involved with DRR as an organizer, volunteer, or however, please let us know using that form over there --->>

Thanks and a satisfying and fulfilling 2016 to all our randonneuring pals, wherever you ride or volunteer.

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