Sunday, September 18, 2016

ACP 200km (Sat), AGM, and 100km Populaire (Sun), 9/17-18, Results etc.

Saturday's ACP 200 km brevet was a bit of a trip, but

Norm Carr
Kevin Humphreys
John Kramer
Susan Otcenas
Don Shiggy Person
Tom Reimbolt

are all awesome randofolk because they completed the event despite some interesting weather challenges (most with impressive times in the circumstances). Thanks to Ian for a very welcome 'secret' control/pop-up espresso stand in just the right location and thanks to Marcie for cookies and card wrangling.

Saturday evening's potuck 'AGM' was a blast. Thanks all for coming and contributing some fine fare and big thanks to Paul and Julie for hosting.

AGM minutes:
* There will be a spring SR series of brevets next year.
* There will probably be some interesting new routes.
* A September 600km brevet is a new addition to the DRR program.
* Ian won the "best secret control of the year" award.
* Marcie won the best cookies and all round spiffy volunteer award.
* After receiving no nominations and in a close fought race with nobody, Norm was unanimously voted RBA for another year.

Finally, some extra thanks and well dones to

Justin Humphreys
Kevin Humphreys
John Kramer
Jeff Loomis
Wendy Loomis

who all completed Sunday's 100km Populaire.

That wraps up all that's scheduled from DRR this year. Thanks for riding with us in 2016. See you down the road and watch this site for news of the 2017 program.

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