Tuesday, September 26, 2017

2018 is going to be a thing.

Winter is coming. Then the spring, and a whole new season of randonneuring in the Pacific Northwest. If you're on the edge of your seat and just can't wait, here's a wee preview of DRR's modest contribution to all the fun in 2018.

We've submitted our proposed schedule of ACP sanctioned brevets in 2018 to RUSA. DRR will be organizing a full Super Randonneur series again, with a mix of new and old routes, as follows.

  • March 10th, Paul be running the popular Hermiston-Pendleton-Hermiston-Pendleton-Hermiston Spring 300km.
  • April 14th will be a 400km run by Norm using a route yet to be decided.
  • May 19th will be a new fixture, a 200km out of Wenatchee, run by Shiggy, route yet to be decided.
  • September 8th will be a new 600km brevet run by Susan using a new route from Walla Walla to Whitefish, Montana.

That's just our list of officially sanctioned ACP brevets. Look for announcements about possible group permanent rides, RUSA brevets, and other fun stuff as they might appear according to DRR members' whim.

There isn't an early-season ACP 200 scheduled in 2018. We'll no doubt be riding something around that time, however, either locally or with west-side friends. Or both.

Over DRR's summer gap, there's lots going on elsewhere, including RUSA 20th anniversary rides, and the not insignificant option of SIR's Cascade 1200, so no need to go rideless. Remember the calendar is always there to help you find an event.

Watch for more info about all these events and more on this site as the time approaches.

Happy winter.

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