Wednesday, May 25, 2011

400km Results - May 2011

We had nine riders start on a day with a weather forecaster to make a West-sider drool. Then the rain came. We could see it in the West and to the South. Right where we were headed. So we had the rain. We had flats. Coffee. Candy bars. Assorted energy-food items. Great support. Numerous views of the Yakima River. Sun. Stars. Moon. Clouds. We had a 400km.

Thanks to everyone who came out to ride and to Cathy Smith, who supported the ride.

Some pictures are posted on facebook, and can be found by looking for info on the riders on May 21/22. Steve's ride report, with more pictures, is here: If there are more reports, or groups of pictures, let me know so I can add them, or add the link in the comment field.

Some times/spaces:
First Last       Time
Gary  Smith      24:05
John  Kramer     21:23
Norm  Carr       Zillah
Paul  Whitney    25:10
Scott Peterson   22:44
Steve Williamson 22:44
Steve Kasper     19:54
Susan Otcenas    25:10
Theo  Roffe      19:54


  1. Great ride, Paul. Thanks for organizing! I think we could have done without all the flats... In fact, I must have picked something up in the last few miles, because when I got home, my front tire was flat. Sure glad that didn't go flat in the finishing miles! It was great riding with you (and Gary) and telling silly jokes in the wee wee hours to keep us awake and in good spirits.