Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Kahlotus Othello Ridges Loop Permanent

Note: the application/approval is pending for this permanent. This is the permanent version of the first loop of the DRR Loopy 600.

This route is 237km which features a ridge-road from Pasco to Kahlotus Washington. After Kahlotus, the route goes to Kahlotus to Connell, and then to Othello. A plateau is featured from Othello to Basin City - then a run south through the agricultural lands in Eastern Washington.

Warning: there isn't a good water stop until Connell. So, the first ~70 miles require provisioning on the bike.

Ride start/end: intersection of Leslie and Gage Blvd in Richland, WA

The route is shown here.

Elevation gain/loss: 1295m/4250ft

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