Tuesday, July 19, 2011

It's Official

We have a new RUSA region: WA: Tri-Cities. The Desert River Randonneurs.

A warm thanks to Susan France, who sponsored our rides as part of the Oregon Randonneurs for the previous three years. During that time, we've had a large number of riders and rides. Thanks to the riders who have ridden and the volunteers who have helped. We are looking forward to great rides, and more riders.

This is a list of the riders and volunteers who have helped get Randonneuring started in Eastern Washington. We hope to see you all again. Let me know if I've missed someone:

Bill Alsup, Robert Anderson, Tom Barocan, Tracy Barill, Nat Beagley, Andrew Black, Kenneth Bonner, RB Buschman, Norm Carr, Ken Carter, Jennifer Chang, Barry Chase, Gregory Cox, James Cox, Dan Davis, Steve Davis, William Dussler, Adam George, Bill Gobie, Edward Groth, Dean Gull, Dean Gull, David Harper, Joanne Heilinger, Ali Holt, Roger Holt, Noel Howes, Chuck Hoffman, Dan Jensen, Paul Johnson, Kole Kantner, Jason Karp, Steven Kasper, Martin Knowles, Alexander Kohan, Keith Kohan, John Kramer, Jerry Lentz, Albert Lutz, Ken Mattina, Sallie McFarlane, Matt Mikul, Jim Moberly, John Morris, Vincent Muoneke, Ray Ogilview, Greg Olson, Sal Ortega, Susan Otcenas, John Pearch, Scott Peterson, Gary Prince, Cecil Reniche-Smith, John Richards, Mike Richeson, Theo Roffe, Bill Schell, Ian Shopland, Gary Smith, Cathy Smith, Eamon Stanley, Karel Stroethoff, John Vincent, Ken Ward, Paul Whitney, Julie Whitney, Chris Willett, Steve Williamson, and Peg Winczewski

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