Saturday, March 3, 2012

DRR 200 - March 17, 2012

Ride: Desert River 200km
Organizer: Paul Whitney - post questions to this blog or email.
Ride Date: Saturday March 16, 2013.
Start time: 7:00am, Registration - 6:30-6:55am. Sunrise/set 7:05/7:06.
Start/End Location: Intersection of Leslie and Gage, in the Parking lot between Albertsons and USA Gas, in Richland, WA.
Finish by: 8:30pm March 16
Registration: Pre-register here. Check here to see who is registered.
Entry fee: $5 (ride insurance, Brevet cards and snacks). Checks should be payable to "Paul Whitney". Cash is easier to handle, and preferable.
Medals: Available directly from the RUSA online store.
Route: Route sheet and map.

The route is identical to last year's edition. Here for the information for that ride, and here for last year's pre-drive. Stay tuned for any updates in route sheets or minor changes in the route due to vagaries of road (de)construction etc. See you there!

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