Saturday, March 3, 2012

DRR Day 1 Results

We had the first running of a formal DRR event - the DRR 100. Six riders started, and 5 finished - all well within 20 minutes of each other. The reports from the riders indicated that they were also within 5 minutes of each other at the Benton City control.

The results from today's populaire are listed below. All six riders joined us at the ride's end, and seemed to have a great day of it. The rider's experience with Brevet's ranged widely. This was the first Brevet for three of the six riders. Two of the riders have multiple 1200km rides completed.

Thanks to Norm Carr for constructing the route and the sign-up software, and to Cathy Smith for helping with rider sign-up and greeting riders at the end of the event. Looking forward to our 200km in two weeks. Hope to see you there.

Rider        Time 
David Podboy 5:16 
Gary Smith   5:10 
Ian Hoffman  DNF (knee) 
Jared Carr   5:10 
John Kramer  5:00 
Norman Carr  5:16

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