Saturday, March 17, 2012

March 17 200km - 11 riders start; 11 riders finish

Windy day, and reports of tough slog out to Toppenish and then a quick return to Richland. Finishing times are below. Will have more pictures, and links to the same, as they arrive. Thanks to Cathy Smith for registering riders, meeting them in Toppenish and doing the close-out paperwork at the ride end. Outstanding rides by all. Thanks for joining in.

Rider Time
 Norm Carr 11:23
Ron Shaw 8:27
Jess Troyer 10:54
Jared Carr 10:00
Ian Hoffman 11:04
John Kramer 9:04
Greg Olson 9:45
Nat Beagley 11:23
Shun Yamamoto 9:14
Gary Smith 10:00
Seth Solbrach 8:26

 Here's the view from Emerald Road:

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